Sunday, June 2, 2013

All you people who read this - why don't you become my "follower"?  This seems to be a popular thing to do with blogs, but of the 700 views my blog has gotten, where are my followers?  Even 12, like Jesus, would be nice.  Someone to follow me around...yikes.
Just kidding.  I don't want followers, I want friends.  Just keep reading the blog once in a while, that's fine.

Tracy Anderson!  Just found out about her.  (A friend mentioned her on Facebook.) Yep, she really knows how to handle that miniature body, and she speaks well.  Or is edited well - we'll never know!  But my only question about being one of her "followers" is that it costs over a thousand dollars to join her club?  And then she encourages YOU to do all the work, and exercise everyday.  I, myself, exercise at home, and could never see spending money on a gym or joining a class.  But that's just me.  I can throw myself on my living room carpet and fight gravity, and though it wins in the end, I challenge it for a while almost daily.  Yes, folks, gravity will eventually win - whether it's a sagging tattoo, getting sleepy, or dying, gravity will win.  Sigh.  But you successfully fight gravity every time you get out of bed, so keep fighting!

I hope she treasures these years, because eventually she too will get old.  If I could only get kids to realize that the world will change, their bodies will change, their teeth and gums need attention every day, and if they want to live to grow old, they better be careful on those bikes and skateboards.  And cars!  Everyday I see someone in a car do something that tells me,"That person has never been in an accident yet."  Best of luck.

I'm not sure about new miracle foods, but that's just me.  I feel that humans should get along on what they've eaten these thousands of years...but now we're fighting pollution and mutated viruses everyday, so maybe that just doesn't work.  But I suggest you find out more before trying out anything to eat that's "new".

Half of what you eat should be fruits and vegetables.  (Quite a change from the typical American diet!)  Why not take a look at a book called "Hungry Planet".  It shows what a family eats in one week, in one photo, with the family, in about forty countries.  It will help open your eyes.  Some of this info, and some of these photos, are on the web, but the book has more.  There's another book with families from 40 countries standing outside their dwelling with everything they own, all spread out!  That one too is amazing.  And check out the week's worth of food in CHAD!,29307,1626519_1373680,00.html

Bye!  Happy Sunday.  C

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