Sunday, August 25, 2013

Here's midway in an internet discussion about:

Russell Josephson Interesting. But while the music INDUSTRY is failing, there is still plenty of great music being made, and it's more available than ever.


You know, that "available" thing is tricky.  People stare at their screens and use their Ipods to hear MP3s instead of sitting with their friends in front of a stereo with sound 20 times better on vinyl.  (A good stereo system helps.)  Friends used to turn each other on to music – hey, listen to this new band!  But now we find it on the internet.  Of course, on the internet the music tries to make money...they put a spin on it – “it's all available!” - and they deliver an inferior product that can hardly hold your attention because it's so compressed and miniaturized.  So, my dissenting opinion is that music is less available than ever, because the radio doesn't play what the DJ likes, the DJ plays what the station's computer tells them to.  And they’re very strict about target audiences and Types of music, keeping them separate from other kinds of music.  You used to walk by a bar, club, record store, any kind of place with a jukebox, and hear truly new things.  You would ask someone – what was that?   But the major companies are timid and conservative now.  Nothing with an "original" sound.
You see what I'm saying?   The industry creates the illusion that we are exposed to a giant variety of music, but that's always been true. Fewer than ever are those who have made it through the maze of business that is The System.  Either they are the new big thing or they are nothing. They are fresh today and gone tomorrow.  The market determines the music more than ever.  The music I like is always obscure, never "pop"  I listen to music of all eras, but the money is in pushing "new" music. They act like "fresh" is the most important thing, but fresh gets stale.  As Dylan said on one of his radio shows, "There's a lot more old music than there is new music."
I agree plenty of great music is being made, but it’s sure not discovered the same ways.  “This is a song I like from a great band” has become “This is a song that meets important criteria.”

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On Facebook today there was a giant discussion of "what are the worst songs"?  My contribution, comment #150 or so...

 This is a real survey on the worst songs?  This is such a vein to mine.  There are so many. Yeah, American Pie is up there, but if he'd kept it to 3 minutes it wouldn't be - maybe.  (Did you know Winchester Cathedral was written by the guy who wrote There's a Kind of Hush?)  For worst songs there is so much competition.  Today I listened to "Something in the Air," which I'd read about many times - back then I wanted to try the album, but had no record player or money at the time.  So when I heard it today, someone said it was in commercials and all over - pervasive, ubiquitous. And it was very familiar!  But I have no memory of listening to it EVER.  It bypassed my consciousness and got in without me knowing!  Now there's a catchy tune!  Like a virus.  So many "worst" songs.  Feelings.  I leave the room if I hear Jingle Bell Rock.  I left a dozen parties back in the 1980s whenever they played Prince stuff from Purple Rain - can't remember which one was the worst of that album.  Now any song that goes boom boom boom boom on the bass drum is an ordeal.  Skrillex and a thousand other DJs have made this stuff popular?  Oh hell, it started with Disco and never left.  Worst songs...How much is that Doggie in the Window.  God is on the bus.  Anything arranged by Mitch Miller.  Billy don't be a hero.  Seasons in the Sun.  I'd say Walking on Sunshine, but I've finally appreciated what great production that song has.  The guitar player did it, I think, and went on to other things.  Let's call the whole thing off.
Jesus.  I post a nice long piece, and on the very day I do this, my blog decides to file it in the right hand column.  I must look into this. 
This is AUGUST.  Be sure to click on anything that says it's from AUGUST.  When I put a piece up, I expect it to stay up!  Don't make me come over there...

check this out if you wish to see my new place (not decorated or moved in yet)!

Oh my word.  Oh my goodness.  Oh my fking Jsus...I have not been blogging.  My sincerest apologies if anyone has happened to search out this site and then found I haven't been here since June.  Let us all come together and call me a jerk.  I am one.

And now it is the middle of August. I am moving into town (Burlington, VT) on September 1.  I don't know why, but I moved in here on September 1, 2005.  I got a job the same day.  I was fired from that job on August 31, three years later.  I have no idea why things happen for me on September 1st.  What the heck?  Anyway, I am so busy (first with finding, then with waiting, then with packing, then more packing, and I may have found some movers with a truck today, which is great) that I have not blogged at all.  I have wasted all my free time on Facebook.  I am resolved to visit only every other day, but somehow that decision has been stuck in committee for a month.  Hope it emerges successfully.  Meanwhile, I'll be packing and getting ready to move.  It is a wonderful move.  A lovely yet inexpensive fourth floor apartment with lake views, in a great location in Burlington.  For all you who are envious, please know that I have suffered greatly, and now I (seem to) deserve this.  Bless you all, and especially whatever is in charge.  Thanks.  I promise to do more blogging, more writing, more music, and have more friends in the real world.  It'll be great.  It's a smaller place, so I start by getting rid of half (maybe more) of my stuff, and it's about time!  I have put off such tasks for four decades.  I have a packrat gene.  But now that I don't have so much room, I must make tough decisions.  Then when I finally make them, they don't seem so tough at all!  The human mind is a vast unexplored country.  A tiny island of consciousness in a sea of sub-consciousness.  May my mental glaciers undergo no melting.  May my island stay above water forever.  And how about world peace while we're at it.  Later!  CM