Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oh my word.  Oh my goodness.  Oh my fking Jsus...I have not been blogging.  My sincerest apologies if anyone has happened to search out this site and then found I haven't been here since June.  Let us all come together and call me a jerk.  I am one.

And now it is the middle of August. I am moving into town (Burlington, VT) on September 1.  I don't know why, but I moved in here on September 1, 2005.  I got a job the same day.  I was fired from that job on August 31, three years later.  I have no idea why things happen for me on September 1st.  What the heck?  Anyway, I am so busy (first with finding, then with waiting, then with packing, then more packing, and I may have found some movers with a truck today, which is great) that I have not blogged at all.  I have wasted all my free time on Facebook.  I am resolved to visit only every other day, but somehow that decision has been stuck in committee for a month.  Hope it emerges successfully.  Meanwhile, I'll be packing and getting ready to move.  It is a wonderful move.  A lovely yet inexpensive fourth floor apartment with lake views, in a great location in Burlington.  For all you who are envious, please know that I have suffered greatly, and now I (seem to) deserve this.  Bless you all, and especially whatever is in charge.  Thanks.  I promise to do more blogging, more writing, more music, and have more friends in the real world.  It'll be great.  It's a smaller place, so I start by getting rid of half (maybe more) of my stuff, and it's about time!  I have put off such tasks for four decades.  I have a packrat gene.  But now that I don't have so much room, I must make tough decisions.  Then when I finally make them, they don't seem so tough at all!  The human mind is a vast unexplored country.  A tiny island of consciousness in a sea of sub-consciousness.  May my mental glaciers undergo no melting.  May my island stay above water forever.  And how about world peace while we're at it.  Later!  CM

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