Thursday, September 19, 2013

Well, things are starting to look good around here.  Boxes are disappearing like an endangered species.  In my closet, however, boxes are still king.  But that will change!  I have to concentrate on the actual rooms for a week or so, putting up pictures, replacing three translucent plastic file boxes (of different sizes, like papa, mama, and baby bear) with a swell "wooden" file cabinet of only two drawers, meaning it doesn't tower over anything.  It's shorter than the desk. 
I performed this miracle of economy (of space) by throwing out a thousand papers!  Did I need my receipts, bills, applications, job detritus from 2008 back?  You bet I didn't.  I find it hard to believe how long I can put these things off.  My therapist has shown me that I have mistaken my "stuff" for my self.  But now that I'm in a smaller space, I can no longer sustain that illusion!  And it's just as well.
Very soon now (which is to say tomorrow) I will send out invites to my housewarming and birthday party.  I'll have a Facebook Event Page for the first time...when you're in Rome, eh?
I hope you enjoy the new blog cover photo - it's the view from my window on a beautiful day.  Today was one just like that.  And I'm happy to say that there will soon be room for company to enter and actually enjoy this as a comfortable space, fringed with wonders, with plenty of room to move around, and places to sit, etc.  Gosh.  I feel less like a recluse already.  Hooray for progress.  Until the morrow!

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