Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I must immediately discover how to get rid of all this white!  Every time I come here I see this, it's like anti-graffiti.  I should see something - images, colors, whatever, and I can't figure it out yet!  Is it my mental block or what?  Will I figure it out?  Will our hero triumph?  Will little Nell pay the rent...yes, of course she will.  No sooner do I grow nonchalant when the font shrinks by 75%.  Cannot fathom what I hit.  Tried three times, got it back like this.  Oh my gollies, children, we have a real winner here.  You must go to Youtube and listen to the great Bo Diddley sing "Diddy Wah Diddy", backed by The Moonglows, of all groups (both on Chess & Checker, so not a leap of imagination).
How was your day?  There is plenty of room for comments, but no one has left one.  I'm yelling into a wind, I think.  How many blogs are there?  Ten million?  Let's see...is there something I could say to generate a lot of comments?  What would that be?  Sex?  Free Money?  I hope they don't pick the free money because, senior that I am, I have less of that.
I think a good place to start is to make it look really nice.  Not ostentatious, but cute.  
Here - check out Tom Gray and Charles Wolff of The Brains, backed by the Swimming Pool Qs in good old Atlanta in 2007, when CW was still with us.  Inspirational, at least for me.  Tom wrote and here once again sings "Money Changes Everything".  CW the drummer was great too.
Good night.

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