Friday, April 5, 2013

Okay, I'm starting to get the idea here - must have new entry, for one thing.  Ahem.  It's Friday, and tonight was the First Friday Art Walk, and I was there.  I mostly hung around with my friends who have a studio there, and happen to be magnificent artists, all three of them.  The reception was for Anne-Marie Littenberg, and her works were highly magnified images involving sewing materials and typewriters.  They were printed on metal, with a process I've never heard of.  It's great.  Matte or glossy, no problem.  It was held in the studio of John Brickels, creator of earthquake-struck buildings and machines of clay.  His mate Wendy James was there, and her impressionistic cityscapes and alleys were resplendent.  Yep, all three were really outstanding, all getting better and better.  Ben, Anne-Marie's husband, was playing guitar and Andrew Albright was on bass.  They call the duo "Live Jazz".  So it was a lovely party, though I did not partake of the twenty pounds of M&Ms offered.  I was still North of dinner.  Okay, that's what you get when you are obliged to write so often, and now it's late but dutifully I have written this.  Pleasant dreams.  C

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