Saturday, November 23, 2013

It May Snow Today/Tonight! Saturday night snow...could be nice

Once again I return to you, readers of my blarg.  Thanks for coming.  The show I was talking about last post happened, went fine, and all was well!  I like Phil Yates, he has a good band, and I enjoyed them.  Oddly, I liked his band (opening spot) best, the second band not bad ( just a duo - sort of a handicap), and the third band I could not stand/understand.  I'm an arranger, and have seen a lot of great bands, and this one - well, I wished I could change a lot of things.  I learned way back at CBs that sheer volume won't save you.  At any rate, I left midway, and home to dinner went I.  Ah, clubland.  Tonight is once again Saturday night, and I'd like to try and find a good new band, but the woman who has offered to accompany me doesn't trust me much...she won't go see anyone whose music she doesn't already like?  And I have no idea what she likes.  She has never asked about my music!  She came over once, and I was holding my guitar, and she just kept talking till I put it away.  Ummm...that was telling. We'll see about tonight.  She's shy about bars.  I don't drink either, but if that's where the music is, that is where I  go.  What will tonight bring?  Besides maybe snow?

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