Tuesday, March 19, 2013

And yet it keeps snowing, lightly, lightly.  With possible overnight haul of inches more.  Looks pretty on all the branches...
Today I found that I had misspelled my son's address (or perhaps Outlook helped, I wouldn't put it past it) for all the letters I've sent over the last few months.  So tonight he got about fifteen letters. One of them had a song attached, a long song by Acid Mothers Temple (from Japan).  I had sent the whole live show to him, but it was so trebly that I put it through Audacity and brought up the bass 10 dbs.  It helps.
So now I just sent him fifteen emails and he's feeling swamped.  It's a swamp out there, what can I tell you.

I'll find a good story to post for you tomorrow - I think I can find one no one's seen yet (not necessarily a good thing, but an exciting thing).  Until then, C

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