Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hi out there!  Very short post here.  Almost over cold.  Working on Show #112 today.  Did you know that in Vermont, when you hang up the phone, if you say "Have a good day" to someone as you hang up, they will not reply, but simply hang up?  Interesting.  In New York everyone says "You too" or something and then hangs up.  Here's another - if you are speaking to someone briefly, both on your way somewhere else, and they really have to go, they will NOT interrupt you and say "Sorry, got to go, talk to you later," they will just stand there and get more and more glazed-over in the eyes.  When you finally "release" them, they flee.  Why?  No idea.  It's a beautiful sunny day, though chilly.  May you all have a wonderful day.  I have one subscriber, and it turned out he just wanted to convert me to Jesus.  Jesus.

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